Do something you haven't done. Make your weakness your strength.  Seek knowledge!

It's either progress or regress. What 's your choice? 

Ahnstrong will ALWAYS be with YOU!!!


Who is AhnStrong?

Go Above and Be-Ahn

I am a trainer for all of the under dogs. 

For all those who lost hope in fitness and health. 

AHNSTRONG exists to help clients improve their quality of life through strength gain, weight loss, and ultimately performance enhancement.  We are dedicated to achieving YOUR goals!  

Remember, where the mind goes, the body follows.


Client Testimony 


AhnStrong has literally changed the trajectory of what I wanted out of myself physically. Originally, it was to lose a few pounds for a wedding. With Jin's instruction and care,

it is now becoming a central part of my life and I am addicted to the lifestyle.

I am doing things with my body I never imagined I could and I feel amazing!

I have lost over 15 lbs of fat in less than two months while gaining strength and stamina. Thank you Jin!!

- Alfredo Henriquez 


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