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Break up with late nights and fall in love with early mornings

Personally, I always looked forward to late nights. Late night rides down the highway, late night gatherings with friends, late night studying, late night eating..etc. I used to take pride in the fact that I can sleep late nights and wake up early mornings without a problem. I was a firm believe of the statement "sleep is the cousin of death" - which means 'you can sleep when you die'.

Man how far could I have been from the truth. So mark my words as I say this - SLEEP MATTERS! And unfortunately, the practice of perfecting the art of sleeping is not all the simple. It starts with breaking very comfortable habits and adapting to new and "boring" ones. First off, the elimination of TV or cell phones at least an hour before sleeping. Yes, you would have to resort to "reading" for a change. I say "reading" because this will likely put most of you to sleep even before you can get past the first paragraph.

Secondly, stop eating at least an hour before bed time. Indigestion can cause you to have trouble falling asleep as well. Some people think downing a ton of water prior to sleep is a good idea. Not if it makes you wake up twice a night to use the restroom.

So to all of you who believe in the "sleep when you're dead" philosophy - I'm in no way shape or form promoting a lazy lifestyle. However, sleep is an essential part of sustaining our well being. Both physically and mentally. Hope you guys have a restful evening.

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